Our First Meeting
The first meeting of Exchange Rotary on October 5, 2016
Once upon a time...
Exchange Rotary became the newest Rotary club in the Oklahoma City Metro in April 2017. We may be a young club but our group was formed by long-standing and former Rotarians who saw an opportunity to create a Rotary club with a new focus and a different approach. Here's our story:
In summer of 2016, a core group of 5 current and former Rotarians began discussing creating a new Rotary club. The aim was to create a club that fostered a welcoming and relaxed environment, included a diverse group of leaders, and was able to fit in to the schedule of busy professionals. Out of those conversations, our club was formed. 
At the time of these discussions, education was a constant topic of conversation as our schools and educators found their financial support lacking at our state level. Our schools were, and are still, facing harder financial decisions than ever. Our educators were leaving the state for higher salaries, our school districts were forced to cut needed programs, our schools were struggling to provide the tools necessary for our children to learn. The founders of Exchange took this as a call to action and decided to focus our club's efforts on education through hands on service and grants. 
Next, we needed a name and a place to meet. In the search to identify a location for our group to meet, Dunlap Codding generously offered to let us use their space in historic Film Row. It's location led us to a perfect name. Around the time of statehood, Film Row was the home to numerous film exchanges where production companies distributed their films to regional theaters. Second, one of Rotary International's core concepts is to exchange ideas. One of our founders put the concepts together and Exchange Rotary was born. 
We had a name, a focus, and a meeting location. It was time to gather members who shared the passion and desire to make positive change. After sharing the news through social media and their network of friends and family, the first meeting of Exchange Rotary was held on October 5, 2016 at Dunlap Codding with a crowd of over 30 people. Within a few months, the charter application was sent in to Rotary International and our club joined the ranks of over 34,000 Rotary clubs in the world on April 19, 2017. 
If you're looking for a Rotary home and share our passion for fellowship, service and supporting education, we encourage you to join us for a meeting and learn more about Exchange Rotary.